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The 808 Ranch

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I loved learning more about cows during this project. I had no idea that a Heifer is a cow before it's had a calf, but most interesting thing about photographing cows is how much work they have to put into getting all the little details right by grooming the cow before hand. They want to hair to stand up just right and they even go so far as to spray paint and blow-dry them to get the color right. I was not involved in any of that, but I certainly never would have guessed that's how they do it. It was a pleasure working with the Steiger family. It felt like I was at a family reunion when we showed them the website. They were 100% thrilled when we revealed the site to them. The 808 is on a mission to improve the health standards and quality of beef sold in large grocery store, which is truly needed these days. Using Precision Genetics, which is a processes they've coined, they are able to make healthier and happier cows that down the line make great beef. It's good to work with folks who are so down to earth, who love the Good Lord and have been taking strides in their industry.

Lamar Steiger