Who is this crazy guy making sweet websites?

The purpose of Minim is to offer outstanding creative services for the small businesses that need it to cost less while praising YHWH along the way for the breath He gave me to do it.


Who are you and why do you do this?

I'm Bradley. Nice you meet you! I've seen many small businesses struggle with design, either because they don't have to time or it's too expensive. I get that and realized I can fix it. I realized this working full time at Downtown Bentonville Inc. that's where I learned to do design on a professional level.

The purpose of Minim is to offer outstanding creative services for the small businesses that need it to cost less so they can pay the insane rent etc.... I use the profits to make my content better, more affordable and to take care of my super supportive wife and kiddos. I'm a homeschool dad so my time is split between them and work and I love it. I'm thankful that I get to spend so much time with my family because of this job. The Good Lord, YHWH is our rock and our redeemer, our peace and our purpose. Everything I make and person I help is a little thank you to Him for the breathes it took to do it and the joy He puts in it.

How are your prices so low?

I don't ever want to live in a new subdivision or even get a building for Minim. Even my phone line is free with Google Voice. So I make things simple to keep overhead extremely low and to save you money. I don't want more. If anything I want to learn to live with less. That helps me keep prices low and makes my family and I happier in general.

Also, I use the best software around. Webflow for example, help me build websites faster than I could in Squarespace, Wix and ESPECIALLY Wordpress. Most importantly, I can do anything with it. Tools that help me spend less time doing more are tools that save you money. I can't be affordable without them.

I believe you should know what design will cost before you call me. All my prices are listed as clearly as a price tag. A lot of people will tell you that you need more than you do or that it's harder than it is. We keep it simple and that keeps more money in your pocket.

Where Are You From?

I grew up in Rogers Arkansas when there was no mall and it smelled like the chicken houses that were at every turn. Now I live in Bentonville and we have chickens of our own. How ironic! Ha! But it's a good life.

Where Have You Worked?

I started making some pretty weak websites on Wix in like 2012, but it was helping people and I liked that.  After making it through a marketing degree at some crazy school near here I was hired by some friends of mine who started working at the Walton Family Foundation / Enterprises where they taught me that I loved design way more than coding. It gave me the basics to understand how much time Webflow now saves me in every click. Those guys are stellar and just being around them taught me a lot. Then one day my boss there said to apply at Downtown Bentonville Inc and that changed got me where I am now.

In 2015 I started there and doing social media and of course, building their site in Wix because they felt they were paying too much at the time. After many typos I became the in-house designer, web developer, videographer and event photographer. Thats when I learned all the skills I have today that enable me to help you do the same things they needed. I worked there for 6 years getting thrown into rush jobs left and right and doing works for all types of events and businesses. It was great.

Before all that I worked at Chick-fil-a for a year where I was definitely the cow at every opportunity.
So naturally I worked at Chuck E Cheese too where again I was the mouse all the time. I loved running out by the street and getting people to honk. I'm so silly.

I Hear You're A drummer too?

Yeah! I've been playing drums for about 20 years. I put TONs of time into it as a teenager until I got married, but I can still kick some butt on those things. I have probably the biggest drumset in the area and I love to set it up like Mike Portnoy or Mike Mangini, because my favorite band is Dream Theater. I don't say that to brag, but because I love to have drummers come over and play with me. I usually have the kit set up for two to sit and play, so if you're a drummer and want to play a ballin Pearl Reference kit with octobans and tons of cymbals - c'mon! i have a sweet Roland electric kit thats set up the same way too, so I can play when the kids are sleepin'.

Teach What I Know

This is an important part of being a freelancer these days. I love to teach what I know because I spend a lot of time finding the best ways to do things. I never stop. If you want to learn how to do something with Webflow or how to save money on everyday business expenses, I have learned some lessons that I'd be happy to share. Take a look at my musings page to learn lots of life and business tricks. It isn't easy being a small business and every $10 a month adds up fast!

Want to learn Webflow or how I edit my images insanely fast? I have videos for that, but I'll also meet you at 211 Cafe for an excellent cup of joe and to party in person. That's my favorite, because it gives me a chance to learn too. So text me and let me know if you need help with anything.

Oh and why would I charge for that when the internet if full of people doing it for free? I'm not a boring consultant, more like your new homie who's learned from a lot of mistakes and practice. If I don't know something I won't pretend to, but let's have some fun.

I'm game to start a Webflow meet up if you are!

What Do You Do For Fun?

My wife and I are always keeping up with the craziness in the world. Not the news per-say, they lie all the time, so you have to dig much deeper to find what's really going on. I hear the term "truthers" but that sounds a little cliche. We just like to be aware of all the things the people in power do that effects us down the line. We realized back in 2020 that 90% of what was a "conspiracy" ended up being true, so since then, we keep up with stuff despite what the what the media say's about it.

I love studying the Bible and even some books outside our cannon. It's fun to see which ones line up with scripture. I particularly enjoy the things in the Bible that people skip over like the firmament, the definitions of words and questions like: "How did God create light on the 1st day, but the sun and moon on the 3rd?" Finding those answers is so rewarding.

I like keeping tabs on NESARA. It'd be so cool, but only time will tell. At the end of the day my hope is in the return of Yeshua (Jesus), so it's fun to dig into things that may not end up happening  because my hope is truly in something greater than all of it. Praise the Most High!

Food is another one. I used to love eating out more than anything (so gluttony) and now I see the system is not designed to keep us healthy. More like always on the edge of being sick, so our family has been learning how to fight back by eating real food and keeping toxins like heavy metals and parabens out of our lives. We have chickens now too, which is just so funny.

That's a little about me. Feel free to ask me any crazy question or teach me something new. Nothing is too crazy at this point. I promise I won't make fun of you. I don't usually bring that stuff up with people just to be polite, but by all means go for it.

What's Your Favorite Show?

We try ot keep the TV off around here, but there are few shows I like watching with my kiddos. I've always enjoyed shows like Parks and Rec, Dragon Ball Z, The Prince of Tennis and movies like Napoleon Dynamite, Nacho Libre and Hot Rod.

What do I actually end up watching these day? Little Bear, The Berenstein Bears, Franklin, the Big Comfy Couch, Bananas in Pjamas... haha you get it.

My all time favorite "show" is a series on Youtube called Investigating Babylon.