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Sara Senty Realtor

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Saved From Wordpress
The Story

Sara was paying a lot of money using a realtor service (around $500/mo) for her website.

(We'll leave their name undisclosed.)

They didn't update her listings, they ignored her support calls and tried to tie her into a contract for a year that she didn't want. So she started building something on Squarespace which it turns out is not as easy as they make it seem. Anyway the struggle was real.

She called me and I remastered her website that the realtor service had made her, but with the ol' bradley-boh-touch-of-minim-goodness.

Now she is paying $26/mo and has a top-tier website, better than most realtors and awesome support from a person who cares. (Me!)

(Insert spill about how I can do this for you too.)

But for real, you should never have to pay a lot for a website. People try to sell you things you don't need all the time.

Always be on guard and if your gut tells you it's a rip-off, holler at me and I won't.

Brad was thorough from start to finish and perfectly executed the look of my website on first try. He is straight to the point, knowledgeable, and I recommend him to anyone looking for great website design and management!

Sara Senty