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Robin Barlow Life Coaching

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The Story

Robin is a great lady makinge a gianormus difference in peoples lives through her love for the Lord and her life experience. She was at place where the big hurdle was getting a website and a logo. I love it when I hear this, because it's a chance to give someone the power they need to help other people. So helping people help people - that's the goal.We built her a simple site with lots of information, but we did it in a way that keeps you engaged in her story using accordions and other tricks. I think people can come to this site and feel like they've met her even before they do in person.

Using Webflow she's able to make simple text edits and update her blog in a way that's easier than any other platform. Of course, I'm here to help with that too. My goal with any website is to make the maintenance of it as easy as possible.

Working with Brad Stallcup was such a wonderful experience from the onset! As a nontechnical person needing to create a website, I must say I was very apprehensive. We’ve all worked with individuals who could not translate their tech world into ours, but Brad bridged that gap smoothly. He listened to my creative vision and desire to have a very professional look and married them. The feedback I get from individuals who have viewed my site share how professional and easy it is to navigate. If you are looking for a spectacular individual and hard working web designer, then Brad Stallcup is your MAN!

Robin Barlow