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The Story

Ashley is the owner of one of the best venues around - Osage House. She had heard about me when she was getting the venue going and getting her site up was just enough to be too much.

"Enough is too much!!"

She had started a page and then came to me and asked for some help. Her site is a superb example of how much it helps to have incredible images.

I knew I wanted to use full screen background images for sections, but it's so outdated to use sections. I don't like breaking the site up into chunks just for the sake of information. I maybe could create sections and then use Webflow's interactions 2.0 to make them feel like they aren't there. That did the trick and created more focus on the information.

The magic is when you create a nice dark background and have each section fade out. They come and go like butter on your screen. It was the first time I tried to create a dark UI and now I'm in love with it. The images stand out more and it really saves your eyes at night when you're looking at your computer. It's not always best, but it was exactly what Osage House needed.

This was a very fun site for a great business that just needed a little extra help. She can swap out images and text easy as pie in her own personal editor without any worry about moving something in the wrong place or deleting something. Even her Q&A section will auto generate the same styled content when she adds a new one in the editor. It's the ultimate set-up. We can make anything changeable, but also not too much so.

Oh yeah, crazy thing. We've actually never met.

Believe it or not, it's true. Sometimes you just want to trust someone to make you a killer site and not have to meet with them all the time. Minim is all about that. Meetings can be helpful too, but sometimes it saves a lot time not to.

Brad was fantastic to work with from the very beginning! He made things very easy, and was patient when I would be behind schedule on providing info. He created an amazing website that is just what we were wanting. Being a business owner strapped for time, it was nice that we didn't have to meet in person to get things accomplished - I just answered questions and provided info as needed and as time allowed. He also put up with a million questions from me, as I'm not the greatest with technology. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a unique website to fit your brand, along with great customer service!

Ashley Starnes