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Jared Mark Fincher

Built Slick Website
The Story

I'm really excited to work with Jared Fincher because he is a fella that is PUMPED UP with joy as often as any human being can ever be. It also happens that he is a born stunna behind the camera lens and has worked with Miles Witt Boyer (a local legend) and great images are the fixins for a great website.

I've always wanted to make a site for a high caliber photographer and this was my chance to make something that did the job better than any other platform and make you see and feel just how quality Jared's work is. I feel like most photographer website are stunning because hey have great images, but if you removed those, the actual frame of the site doesn't speak high-end. My job was to make the website feel as buttery-smooth as his images do. You'll find plenty of sweet and subtle interactions too.

I'm pumped about how it turned out.

Jared Mark Fincher