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Customize a beautiful listing for your rental home and do all the booking elsewhere.

For anyone listing their property for rent, you can can do a much better job showing off your property with this Minimsite, while keeping all the booking at your favorite booking software site. We'll just link to it through all the Book Now buttons. The better you can show off your property and the more information you can give, the more likely it will rent - am I right? This is just taking the user experience to the next level. For an inexpensive, one-time fee, I imagine it will really help you out.

This is so simple to get built. Just type in the information you probably already have and add the amenities using a little form, swap out images just by clicking them and you're done in no time. I bet you could do this in an hour. Then holler at me and I'll connect your domain for you, but I also have tutorials on that if you want to do it yourself.

Need to see just how easy it is to set this up? Watch the video below. It's amazing.

Let's get you a great great site REAL fast!

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Definitely couldn’t have asked for a better start on a project that is exciting to work on and the work I was looking for only happened because of the skill and effort that the creator put into it. All thanks to him. I’m satisfied, excited to learn, and pleased I was given a great product. Simple but enjoyable work. Thanks again.


Minim Site Customer

Set Up Is easy

Watch how to make this site your own before you even buy it!