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Tell your story and power your store with the simplicity of Ecwid & Webflow. Ecwid is a simple way to manage your online shop that offers a great app to keep track of orders. Plus you can use it for free up to 10 items and Webflow gives us the easiest site editor I've ever seen and a clean integration with Ecwid, so your shop can live on your website and not on a new URL. After setting up an Ecwid shop, shoot me your login and I will connect all the widget like search and cart to you shop in no time. The most time consuming part of this will be setting up the shop, but Ecwid makes it easy. Myself and my clients have enjoyed it found it has all the functionality we've needed. This is a fantastic option for anyone who doesn't already have an online shop and isn't sure where to start.

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Definitely couldn’t have asked for a better start on a project that is exciting to work on and the work I was looking for only happened because of the skill and effort that the creator put into it. All thanks to him. I’m satisfied, excited to learn, and pleased I was given a great product. Simple but enjoyable work. Thanks again.


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