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Everyone has questions. That's ok. Let me save you some time and hit a few of those real quick.


Who are you and why do you do this?

I'm Bradley. Nice you meet you! I've seen many small businesses struggle with design, either because they don't have to time or it's too expensive. I get that and realized I can fix it. I realized this working full time at Downtown Bentonville Inc. that's where I learned to do design on a professional level.

The purpose of Minim is to offer outstanding creative services for the small businesses that need it to cost less so they can pay the insane rent etc.... I use the profits to make my content better, more affordable and to take care of my super supportive wife and kiddos. I'm a homeschool dad so my time is split between them and work and I love it. I'm thankful that I get to spend so much time with my family because of this job. The Good Lord, YHWH is our rock and our redeemer, our peace and our purpose. Everything I make and person I help is a little thank you to Him for the breathes it took to do it and the joy He puts in it.

How are your prices so low?

I don't ever want to live in a new subdivision or even get a building for Minim. Even my phone line is free with Google Voice. So I make things simple to keep overhead extremely low and to save you money. I don't want more. If anything I want to learn to live with less. That helps me keep prices low and makes my family and I happier in general.

Also, I use the best software around. Webflow for example, help me build websites faster than I could in Squarespace, Wix and ESPECIALLY Wordpress. Most importantly, I can do anything with it. Tools that help me spend less time doing more are tools that save you money. I can't be affordable without them.

I believe you should know what design will cost before you call me. All my prices are listed as clearly as a price tag. A lot of people will tell you that you need more than you do or that it's harder than it is. We keep it simple and that keeps more money in your pocket.

Should I use Wix/Squarespace?

I used to only offer custom sites and so I would encourage you to try those so you could save some money, but I created Minim Sites now and I think they solve the problem better than Wix or Squarespace. In most cases I find that small businesses are too busy getting the shop open and so the website doesn't get done until last. Even though it usually starts as a high priority, but it's just not as easy as it seems. Once you get into it theres still a decent learning curve.

To help, I've created what I call Minim Sites that are so easy to update and they only take an hour or so to set up. They still feel custom becasue I add fun interactions and top-tear designs. By the time you add your images and story and it uses the easiest website editor ever - The Webflow Editor.

I've built sites to choose and created tutorials to show you how easy it is to edit each one.

If you need something like this please take a look or share this with your friends and family!

"Will You Work On a Website I Already Started?"

That's one thing we don't do for a good reason. I know you've probably put a fair amount of time into it, but there's just no guarantee I can pick up on the platform you use. I use tools that don't limit what we can do and that are 100% mobile responsive. Website builders don't have that kind power and flexibility. Seeing something partially made makes rebuilding it much faster. So not all is lost. Trust me, it's for the best.

Do you Teach Weblow?

I love to teach all the tips and tricks I learn. Webflow is game changer for graphic designers who want to code but are still graphic designers and can't. I'm happy to meet up for coffee (at 211 Cafe) and teach you what I know. When i find something good I love to share it.

I've noticed that a lot of companies create apps out of the frustrations that have with the ones that are considered industry standard, so I like to explore those to find something better. For example Affinity Designer is way better than Illustrator and Proton Mail is infinitely better than Gmail. I find better alternatives that make me more productive so I can continue doing the many different skill sets I've learned.

I try to share those tips on my Musings blog, so keep your eyes on that from time to time.

How to Start a Project?

Just email me and let me know what you're interested in.

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