You Don't Need to Be the First To Know



This comes down to social media. You probably know I hate those words being used together, because even phonetically they sound fake. (The phrase must have been made in a board room somewhere. Blehh.) Yes I have an Instagram and I post from time to time, but the goal for that is to show what my work looks like and how I use it to take care of my clients better than anyone. Thats it. I do not follow people. I especially don't keep up with news on it. I don't use it to get business either. In fact none of my businesses came from it. It comes from people and from doing good work. It's a slow climb that works just as fast as you need it to when you give it to the One who holds the world; who feeds even the ravens.

Social media (ick!) is just a way to know things first. That is literally never necessary. What a burden to put on yourself!

Here's why you should examine your situation and think about how you use it.

In a simple example I got hosed at by some friends the other day when I bought tickets to see the Backstreet Boys. Not for liking them, but for not knowing they were coming to Rogers. Remember two sentences ago when I said I had just bought tickets? Well I had already bought tickets! I didn't miss out. I'm going to see them and it wasn't because they told me. By the way, they knew I loved the band and didn't tell me, but despite that I heard from another friend anyway and was able to get tickets as soon as they opened.

Here's the thing, without social media or even a phone - you will always find out what you need to know. It's actually possible and guess what we've all done it before.

Think about it.

It's true with more serious issues too.

My point is I don't need another voice in my head and social media is another thousand all saying the same thing in different ways - in excitement, in fear, in truth and in misinformation. I also don't want information just for the sake of information. Thats' exhausting. I don't need to know what people are doing if I don't know them. Keep your friends close. That's always better than watching them from afar. Hear what they're doing from their own mouth. Even a text is better, because it's directed to you and not the general public.

Social media in times of crisis or in everyday life is too much for me and most people and I just wish we would realize that, because it really helps keep the fear out and let the peace in. It's literally built to psychologically be a burden on you mind and body.

I know it isn't easy to relinquish this. I know cause I did it. The whole time I was thinking, "Will I miss something important?" I honestly didn't know. After almost two years without it, I'm telling you, you will be fine. Think of me as your test dummy and consider it tested. You'll be ok.

Just a thought.


Photo by Pinho . on Unsplash

Ha! Gotcha!

I kinda hate social media with a burning passion. Always have and always will. Who really needs that mess!? [nobody]