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WaterTree NWA | Water We All Need

Jan 11, 2024

The first step on your health journey should start with getting good water and WaterTree in Bentonville is the best place to get on it. A great way to prevent sickness is to get all those chemicals out of your drinking water. First off, know that the water filters that the big companies sell you only change the taste. They filter out hardly anything so don't think you're covered by those. Not even close. There are well over 350 chemicals in your water that you need to get out of there and it takes some unique filters to do that. The process is very simple. It's ultimately just rocks and minerals set in a certain way that imitates nature, similar to a natural spring.

WaterTree takes this to the next level at a affordable price. They take the city water and filter it through a large filtration system to remove EVERYTHING and they alkalize it. This strips it of the good mineral as well, BUT THEN they add back controlled amounts of awesome nutrients. Check this out on their site.

How Much We Talkin'?

Not much. I was surprised. First in how much water we drink and second it wasn't as much as I expected. For some reason it's easy to think that water like this wouldn't be unaffordable, but I think that just because we've been trained by bottled water companies to think it should be a certain amount. At WaterTree they have various options you can go check out but for my family of four we spend $5.50 about every three weeks on a big 5 gallon dispenser that I go refill. We do buy a membership, but thats nothing to be afraid of. Y'all it's only $50...a YEAR. That membership cuts the price IN HALF, so it's totally worth it and that helps make it more affordable.

Two Affordable Levels of Awesome Water

They have to options Classic has a pH ranges from 8.5 - 9.5 and Premium is 9.5 - 10.5 and has more antioxidants.

Some people's bodies can't adapt to the Premium right away and thats a GOOD sign. Your body has to detox from all the chemical it's gotten used to in self defense. (Our bodies and magnificent - praise the Most High!) So they have and Classic option with a little less of the good stuff to help you get used to it. my family personally had no problem jumping into the Premium right away, but we have been making health changes diligently for about 5 years. That's said just to give you a perspective.

What is in our public water?

Oh boy, you shouldn't have asked. Here are some of over 350!

Why is it bad?

Keep in mind that you get this stuff in other places too. Like Glyphosate is in your freakin Cheerios. For real if you eat-out at all you are soaking that stuff up unless you somehow found an all organic restaurant in which case you gotta tell me bout that please! :) Fluoride is another great example - it's not terrible in small doses, but when you add up the fact that its in your drinking water and toothpaste etc find you are absolutely over exposed to it. Removing it from your water will have a major impact on your overall well being. It's just too much. Companies get away with this because in that one, single thing of toothpaste - yeah sure theres not too much - but it adds up FAST. Plus i just think there is no need for these to be in stuff AT ALL. I don't care if it's only "a little bad" in small amounts it's still bad and products made with out them are so much, tastier and healthier - so why is this ok? It's really not. Dump that mess.

In Summary

I won't get into why our water is filled with garbage, but the short version is that all these chemicals dumb you down and there are studies and even government documents released from the Freedom of Information Act that say it. So imagine you send your kids to school or you're working and can't focus well - one thing that helps is good water! Everything boils down to your diet.

It's wild I know, but now you know something new and it's time to go to WaterTree and talk to my man Kevin. He is a family man just like me and he too saw his families health life change dramatically with a change of water. Talk to him about the benefits and stories from all his customers. He's an awesome source of information and in my opinion you can learn a lot more from Moms and Dads like him than you can from a three-letter government agencies. Listen to peoples experiences and go do research for yourself - you'll see it all adds up.

Man as always, take care of your body and you'll get more work done, because there will be less sick days! Drinking good water is the first step. Let WaterTree back you up man. I love this place and thank the Maker for them every time I walk in that door.

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