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The Best Place To Buy A Domain

Jan 1, 2024

The major domain providers are terrible. I'm talking about GoDaddy and Google Domains, but I've had similar experiences with Bluehost and other odd ones too. Hone of them are as good as Hover, which I've used for a long time.

The Bad Companies

I've had to try to fix client website who used GoDaddy and the fixes were so hard to look up. This has happened to two or three clients of mine within just about three years or so. A big red screen pops up on your site and say something about a security flaw and it's very difficult to figure out how to fix. Meanwhile you can't access your site. Changing DNS and all those kinds of records are  difficult to find and until you do it a few times it takes way too long to figure out. It's not something you do often.

I cannot ever recommend Google products to anyone, because they're just a surveillance company who you're willing giving all sorts of data to and they're selling it agencies left and right. That's just not ok and I will not recommend them for anything. In in fact I have another post about how to ditch Google products for better ones.

The Solution is Hover!

I've been using hover for my domain and for my old job's domain provider for almost 10 years and they're been perfect. No issues what so ever and it's super easy to buy a domain and edit backend stuff like DNS and CNAME. Even setting up an email is quite simple and that's usually more difficult to figure out. Theres no hidden fees and they don't try ot sell you upgrades all the time like GoDaddy. I think that's all that needs to be said honestly. It just works great and nothing else really does.

Backing up a big of a deal is a domain provider? Well, not huge, because you don't have to log into it a lot. However that's why it's important to use hover, because you won't have any issues and when you do log back in it's easy enough to remember how to navigate. That's not the case with the other companies.

Check out Hover right now if you need a new domain for your website.