You Can Easily Build An Ecommerce Store That Runs Itself.



If you haven't heard of drop shipping, this is will blow your mind.

Turns out it's not hard to build your own eCommerce site, but if I told you you could make it do everything without touching your computer, what would you say? Theres 1 step: Create your products and thats it. This method will handle all the order fufillment, printing, shipping, mock-ups, taxes and best of all - they pay you!

Have you heard of Printful?

They're like a lot of other companies that let you design products and buy them, except they're not! They're the best. You can order any amount of your product! Even as low as one and the prices are still very reasonable. For example a nice Bellas Canvas shirt is only $10! say you sell that for even just $15. It wont be long and you'll have made more than you would have tryin to sell those ten of the 500 shirts you had to order in bulk. (Because hey guess what that's money instantly lost and probably somewhere like $800 or more!)

Play around with Printful's design software. If you use Illustrator, it's way to easy to create something and then upload and place it on anything you may want. I've spent hours doing making random things like backpack and leggings just to see how they'll look.

Little Tip:

Most people wont ever sell more than 100 of a single shirt design.


Ok, so how do I make an automated store?

Now remember this. I don't build on Squarespace or Wix. I only use Webflow so that I can provide unique and custom built websites that tell my clients stories with no limitations. this however, only works with Wix & Squarespace, but its an incredible way to take a small business to the next level and that what this about. Not which website builder is best.

First build a site.

Wix can literally do this for you with their AI. Not saying it will be the best, but choose a super clean template and you'll be good to go. You can use Square Space too. I imagine you'll need to go connect your billing information and domain, but they make it really simple.

How much are they?

Wix has eCommerce plans starting as low as $30 a month and Square Space has one as low as $18 a month that will work with this method. Choose whichever.


What can I put my design on.

Almost anything! They just added a lot of new products too. Check these out.

Wow thats a lot... oh wait there's more.
What? Leggings?! Sports bras?!...FANNY PACKS?! I love this.
Wowo there's even more....! Let make some aprons hahaha!
And for good measure... they have engraved jewelry. Wow!

As you can see, pretty much anything you need. A lot of these have variations too, like theres three types of coffee mugs.

Now sometimes you may want something like a really sick tumbler and you see they don't have it.

Well there are places like 4imprint for that. They have lower quantities, but just be sure you can sell them before you buy them. We made Mauricio's 211 Cafe mugs there and it turned out great, but their design is so limited. Those places will make you pick from a few very basic colors and things that will make you a little frustrated, where-as Printful shows you exactly how it will look before you buy it.

Before you get set on having certain items...stop. Think about the fact that you never have to waste money on inventory again and look at the incfredible amount of quality items Printful has.

Connect them with Printful.

These videos show you how insanely easy this is.

Squarespace Tutorial

Wix Tutorial

If you can steer your business towards something like this you'll never have to spend money on merchandise that you haven't sold. This leaves you to focus on your Instagram and telling your story which is equaly as important as selling awesome products.

So get on printful and play around a little. See what you can make and you be inspired by how great it looks on their mockups. You'll just want to keep making more and more.

Give this a shot and if it helps or if you think it may help let me know!