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How To Edit Your Custom Site From Minim

May 21, 2020

Isn't cool that you can get a custom build site and still be able to edited it? The right tool change everything.

Now there are some limitations. Think of it like this... if the change you need will affect the design of the page, then it's up to me to take care of. If you need to edit content, then feel free go to town adding as much as your heart desires. I'll set it up so that it looks beautiful no matter what.

You can change and add things like:

Blog Posts

Menu Items

Q&A Sections

Price Lists

Or sometimes you need to change certain images that can't be clicked because something is on top of them.

Let me show you what editing your site looks like. It's easy as pie, but I can do it all for you too. No worries there. Check out this video where I'll walk you through what this looks like on Yeyo's website.

I hope that makes more sense and always know that I just want to help. A custom website is a great tool to have, but if you feel like you need to stick with Squarespace or Wix, then I understand. Sometimes you need that extra element of control and don't mind spending more time with it here and there. If anyone understand that, it's me. I made it my job to do that! Hahah!

Do you absolutely love this? Want a new website that kicks every others site's BUTT? Take a look at my prices & portfolio to get ideas and a price.

I hope this helps,

- Brad