How To Ditch Google - Some Helpful Alternatives



Ok so why ditch Google? Well basically they have way too much power over our lives and horrible privacy.

If you know much about symbols then they don't exactly look good in that light either. Ultimately, I just can't believe how much data they've been keeping on me if I thinking about that email account I've had since I was 14 and all that videos I've watch on Youtube over the years. Then to realize none of it is private and they've been selling it and sharing it with's simply just not right.

So for me it's time to dump them.

But it's so hard...think about all the place you have to change your email for instance:

Banks, logins, places where you order food on a mobile app etc... apps alone are a headache. Basically every app on your phone and we know thats a lot.

Step 1 - Find Secure Email

Here are a few helpful options with pros and cons. I personally landed on a free account with ProtonMail and I love it.

Step 2 - Change your email...EVERYWHERE

This isn't as hard as it sounds because you probably have 80% junk coming to your mailbox, but it is definitely time consuming. It took me a few nights. Basically just log into all your apps, go to Settings and go through the change your email process. This can be trick in some sites, but persevere!

Step 3 - Start Using Alternatives

I'll make this simple. Check out these videos and then I'll list some alternatives below.

Naomi has a ton of helpful videos, check out her page on Odysee here. (Youtube alternative.)

Youtube -> Odysee, Bitchute

GSuite -> Apples apps like Numbers, Pages etc... Just don't sync them to the cloud.

Search Engine -> DuckDuckGo

GDrive -> MyCloud Home

(Your own simple data server for your house on a physical harddrive you own. Love this!)

Browser -> Brave

Ok so there's a few to get you started, these all work well on your phone too.

Ultimately we can't escape their dominance, but I think it's better to take steps now and not be lazy. They bank on you saying saying "oh well, it's impossible." It may be, but every step you take is preventing another step the wrong direction in the future so it ultimately will take back some ground in the future.

Have fun!


Here's another article I found with some more alternatives to look into.