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Healthy Eye Habits When Working

Dec 29, 2023

It's true, working on computers is not great for your vision. The blue light is so far from anything we see in nature that it causes all sorts of issues. You've probably gotten headaches after being on the computer or watching TV too long. This is for many reasons but primarily, nothing you see on a screen is natural. The light going into your eyes is all artificial, where-as the sun's UV heals your eyes if it's not blaring at you in the middle of the day.

The Sun is Healing Light - LED Is Not

Watching the sunrise and the sunset is extremely healing for your vision and it just feels good. Until recent years people always sat on the porch and watched the sunrise. Or they had candles for getting around at night. Looking at fire is so good for your eyes and you know it, because we love to stare at a campfire. Our bodies tell us what we like and what we don't - we just have to listen to them. Technology has not improved anything other than it's self, but worsened our bodies and our ability to heal. However if we keep this in mind and limit our exposure to artificial lights and colors we can prevent headaches and worse problems easily. Of course, posture is the other way to get headaches, but we can save that for another post. It all ties together.

I mentioned colors and yes artificial colors are appealing, but not great. As TV's getter "better" we find ourselves saying "the colors look so real!" when in reality you'll never see those colors in nature. Of course thats' not to say the colors don't exist, but it's maybe more the tone or hue of those colors that are not found in nature and so our minds begin to get used to these colors the more we watch screens. After enough of it our minds begin to think TVs look better than real life. So the irony is amazing.

So another thing you can do to help your home/work environment is to ditch your LED bulbs. Plus they all have their own Wifi receiver, which is just dandy if you know much about EMFs. We'll get to that, but the idea is that you are pumping your house with light that actually makes your vision worse - over time of course. Think about the winter-time when it's very cloudy and cold so you spend most of your time inside. The time adds up. Many people find that LEDs don't last any longer than halogen bulbs.

Fun fact. the man who owns the patent office also owns the lightbulb companies. Meanwhile there is a lightbulb in a museum that's been going for 100 years, but in order to sell lightbulbs the companies actually limit their lifespan.

So don't go tell me LED last longer like this is some kind of revolutionary thing. The whole thing is planned man - but I digress.

So Are Sunglasses Bad?

Keep rolling with this thought and you'll realize that sunglasses are no bueno. They are not protecting your eyes from the sun (thats nonsense), they are making it harder for your eyes to adjust to it. It's just making your eyes lazy and weak, so yeah of course you need your sunglasses. It's also blocking the benefits the sun gives. On the other hand, they can be used in the middle of the day when the sun is brightest, but just think of them as a tool to get your eyes to a point where you don't need them anymore - meaning don't use them all the time! Wearing sunglasses will weaken your eyes just like screens do. If you get off the computer and go outside, but put sunglasses on, then you haven't really done your eyes much benefit. See how that works?

Get Blue Light Glasses

Blue light blocking glasses are absolutely necessary for anyone working on a computer or playing video games for more than an hour at a time. My eyes feel wayyy less strained when I used them. did you know we forget to blink when we're looking at screen? So your eyes actually dry up. Blinking is your body's way of keeping your eyes wet just enough. So another think you can do it try to train your mind to remember to blink. It's so good for you. If you don't deal with photo editing or project that involves seeing colors just right, then you can turn on night-Shift mode on most computers that will take out that blue light. Just make it your default if you can and turn it off only when you need it. That can be a good replacement for not having your blue light glasses near by.

Glasses Don't Fix Vision

Something else to consider is that glasses just make your vision worse. They are like a band-aid for a bigger problem that never gets addresses. Think about how our vision gets worse and worse as we get older. I understand it's common, but that doesn't mean it's normal. Every time we get a new prescription our eyes have to adjust for the thicker and thicker pieces of glass in front of your eyes. It's another one of those slow-burn things where your eyes get used to something worse and worse and therefore your vision gets worse and worse. Meanwhile if we could just be disciplined enough to get up and watch the sunrise (or sunset) we'd find our vision returning! Especially for young kids who "need glasses." It's just simply not true. There are minerals that can help with that too. I believe pearl powder is one of them, you may want to look into that. Theres certainly more to lear, but that's a start for you.

The Point Is

My point is that the more you can do to eliminate unhealthy habits, they start to stack up fast and you feel so much better! Guess what? When you feel better you work better too! Don't you hate it when you can't go to work because you're puking over a toilet all day? That may be common, but it is NOT NORMAL. Delete some stuff from your life and get back to working and feeling better. Booya!

I can attest to all these things. I've changed everything I possibly can and I'm telling you it's so worth every little thing. Remember that because there is so much stacked against us, the more you fix, the more you feel better quicker. Sometimes I hear from older people that it's too late for them and I'm thinking they may actually experience more benefit, because of their bodies getting weaker somewhat. So be encouraged and do something about your vision. Start by getting some blue light glasses, but remember not to wear them too much. Go outside and get some healing sun in those eyes! Wake up to watch the sun rise or sunset or go light a campfire in the backyard. You'll see how good it feels.