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Electromagnetic Frequencies and Your Work Environment

Dec 29, 2023

Electro-Magnetic Frequencies

All electronics put off radiation. I want to start by saying that the FCC has based all their safety data on this subject from about 30 year old studies. That was a totally different time when there was much less of it hitting us and now it's literally all the time. Did you know that? Did you know you can remediate them instead of blocking them so that your devices can still work? Let's get started.

Anything plugged into a wall is not great to be directly next to. Any EMF reader will show you that, so any where that you are sitting or sleeping at for extended times should be away from an outlet and you certainly should not having anything plugged into it. Lamps by your bedside could be a good example depending on how close they are. For work, if you have an extension cable in your desk, I'd advise you move it. To get your head around this look at this image and start thinking about all the different signals around you.

EMFs Around Home
EMFs In and Around Home

EMFs are not individually a problem, but because we are doused in them at all times it actually kicks our bodies into fight or flight mode. It's very hard to heal when your body is acting like it's staring down an angry black bear at all times. This prevents good rest and so we tend to get sick more often and for longer. What's worse is because of the slow roll-out of things like cell towers, public wifi, smart TVs...anything with wifi and bluetooth, we've gotten used to it gradually. Like a frog in a boil pot. Classic. Our bodies are miraculous and can adapt to anything, but that's not always a healthy option and we will eventually feel the effects of it, but most of the time we don't even recognize these issues as issues because they get normalized by the media or other peoples experiences. In reality the angry black bear didn't hurt us immediately so while we are still running in a state of defense, we've become use to it.

What EMFs Do To You

Your Blood

As I mentioned, these frequencies put your body in survival mode and becasuse these are always around us, we don't get a break if we don't remediate them. This causes poor sleep and makes us much more prone to getting sick because our bodies don't have time to heal properly. Wow. Makes sense right? This does something to your blood that makes a whole lot of sense of this issue. Your bloodflow slows down by about 10x the speed making it take longer to deliver the nutrients to different parts of your body. Not a small problem.

DNA Damage & Calcium Levels

This is huge and it's not to scare anyone, but at the same time we know fertility rates are lower than ever. It's great news that we can improve our kids fertility levels by remediating these EMFs and EMF Solutions has made it so easy. My kids, myself and my wife have made a habit of wearing our XL and Kids bands, because it's a very easy thing to do that very well may increase their fertility abilities when they're older. Take a look at how the damage is done.

EMFS Even Cause Mold

This means your food can actually last longer without those nasty preservatives. You can literally sit these EMF products under something in your fridge and your milk for example can last longer. Fascinating.

Thermal Imaging Scan of Cell Phone Usage

A Great Overview With Lots of Information

So it's important to address these and I can't speak for all the products out there. I know some companies work and some don't. My doctor works with frequencies and he's done test on these EMF Solution products and seen that they work. If you work at home, remediate your house. If you work at an office it's just as important. Most offices are made of metal beams or are very industrial which only conducts the EMF frequencies even more. My family immediately bought all the products we needed from EMF Solutions to remediate our home/ my office and we felt the difference within the day.

My Experiences

I had fairly frequent headaches due to EMFs and now they only ones I get are from bad posture. There was two kinds of headaches and one has been totally eliminated. Even being sick just isn't as bad, nor does it last as long. Eating real food will go along way to help with that too and I say that to say that we've been poisoned slowly on so many different levels that we need to fix a lot of problems, but each one makes a big difference. This can fix a slew of different issues in your life.

What To Change At Work

Smart Phone

If you phone has bluetooth or wifi you need to remediate it riht away. We've all heard about how people get cancer from them when they keep them in their pockets all the time. Get the Cell Chip or the iCell Chip (for MagSafe phones )and that won't be a problem anymore. Your phone is absolutely the first thing to address. If this is all you can buy right now, then just get this.

Rooms EMFs

Get 1 or 2 the room harmonizers and an XL Band if you're in the office. The Room Harmonizer fixes with the electronics inside the room like LED lights, fans, outlets - things of that nature. To give you an idea of coverage, in a 2000 sqft house you could use 1 on each side of the house, so two total. Now apply that to your office.

Laptops, computers, phone chargers etc...

Get the device chips and laptop chips because those are bigger emitters and we're right next to them for hours. Anything wireless needs one and bluetooth is especially bad, however if you have an ethernet wall plug, you could turn off your wifi and probably slip by without one on your laptop.


Go stick a device chip on you or your work's router. This is super important and very inexpensive to fix.

Outside Signals

If you work at home, the home harmonizer is a big one, but totally worth it. This protects what's inside the house from all the signals outside that are making their way in. 5G Satellites, towers, underground power boxes, all that stuff.

Smart Watches - Ditch Them now

These pack so much power into them that they can't even be remediated as of now and they're stuck to you al the time. We had an Apple Watch and we immediately threw it away. we couldn't even justify selling it to someone else. Remember with these iPad and Apple Watches, the people who make them don't let their kids have them. Keep that in mind.


If you drive a lot for work then this is important, otherwise you could probably wait and just buy a band. Your car is made of metal with conducts electricity and as your driving theres a cell tower ever 2-5 miles so you're constantly covered by those frequencies and your car just magnifies it. Stick this Car Harmonizer in your cigarette lighter and you''re set. Now if you have an electric car then you need even more help. Consult EMF Sol about that, because I don't know much about that. It is however very important that you don't site in your car while it's charging. That is so dangerous guys. Get out and go find something to do.

Past Proves Future

Think of EMFs like this. Thirty years ago we had phone lines and basically no wireless communication. Twenty years ago we had cell towers pumping their ol' 2G or something significantly less than today. The signal wasn't strong but it was more than we were used to. Now we have 5G satellites (the data on that is kinda fishy) and towers which aren't inherently more dangerous, but it's MUCH MORE of it. It's not each individual device that's so bad (expect phones- they are not great at all), but the amount our bodies have to deal with and so our bodies are slowly trying to get used to being in a "sick" state. It's amazing what they can put up with, (praise Yahweh - he did good!) but we just don't need too. Now think about how much less sickness there was 30 years ago and then 20 years ago and then now. It's gone up at staggering rates. There's certainly more reasons for that, like the pharmaceutial industry, the lack of nutritious food at the stores and more, but if we address each problem one at a time, the benefits start stacking the more is addressed. EMFs are not very difficult to address thanks to these guys, so go for it.

Don't Get Crazy - Get Smart

Obviously you can lose it with information like this and you can also go the opposite direct and ignore it because you don't want to get too crazy. I want you to be healthy, so you can work better and be sick less. If you want my two cents, spending money on this is not a cyclical thing and so remediate your home and then try to work there more, especially if you're feeling under the weather. I've noticed differences from working at the Library everyday for weeks vs at home. Always think about what's around you, but don't freak out either. I have found these products were well worth it. There are plenty of testimonials of people getting better when using these and I am one of them. I don't personally recommend any others, because I haven't used many others, except for a few that didn't work. (Yes I had my doctor test them on my kids. It was a EMF necklace from Etsy for my toddler at the time. That one wasn't bad but wasn't doing anything either.)

From what I gather different people have different issues and so some experience more dramatic improvements when using these than others. Whats cool is that even if you drop $2k on fixing your house and you don't feel super different - great, you're doing good, nobody wants to have those problems, so you'll likely feel more energy overall and these studies show that no matter what you are preventing these issues from arising later and keeping yourself feeling better, while also preventing DNA damage. Even if you don't get an amazing recovery story, dude, the science is showing that it's a very good thing. Not that we always "trust the science", but when the data and peoples experiences mesh well then we're on to the right track. Big Pharma does not finance these studies so I think we're in the clear. Ha!


There is a place where hundreds of doctors have done studies on EMFs and even with the products from EMF solutions. These doctors were not payed by anyone, they are all doing this in their spare time because they see it's an issue. It has access to about 2000 studies and they have some helpful summaries for each here at The BioInitiative Group.

There is more evidence that EMFs harm people than smoking does, yet the public is kept in the dark about it. Below includes sources of nearly 10,000 EMF studies and scientific papers, all done by non-biased organizations and scientists with no hidden agendas.

BioInitiative Group

Independent group of scientists - 2000 studies

Power Watch

like BioInitiative…been around for many years.

EMF Alliance

Independent group of scientists & many studies, etc.

EMF Scientist

they have available 1000’s of studies they refer to on the Science & Policy tab

EMF Safety

check Archives on right

Do what you can, but please take this seriously.