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Client Photo Galleries Made Simple with Pixieset

Mar 23, 2024

Ok y'all I think 80% of the time I receive photos from photographers, it won't let me download the photos. A lot of times it will glitch out trying to download such massive files or it won't let me select an option for web resolution. Sometimes Web and print come in two separate links. I've gotten pictures from some world renown photographers who are the best in the class, but downloading images was still a bit frustrating.

Well we had some photos taken by my homie Chad George at Heighten Creative and not only did he kick so much photo butt, it was super easy to download the images. Download time for 200 full res images was only 1-2 minutes and the interface was so simple. I felt like it was what everyone should use, then I got on their site to see the gallery templates and prices and it's very affordable! I felt like it was worth sharing to save some people the headache of using whatever else there is out there.

For any photographer looking for a way to send your clients their photos, Pixieset is the jam!

Check our their fantastic pricing. I'm using the free version right now, but it doesn't get very high.

Not only that but they offer multiple styles for galleries. They took it took then next level and offer great little plug and play websites too at an affordable price.