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Best Site For Fonts (And They're Free)

Jan 1, 2024

I am absolutely thrilled with this website for free fonts! I want to say I could replace every other site with this - it's called FontShare and boy is it wonderful.

I'm really into replacing Google products with better ones and this one takes the cake compared to Google Fonts. It has the same capabilities and just looks so much cooler. FontShare does a great job of letting you preview each font and it has tons of complete families. The UX is on point! I love the design of this site. Not only that, buy so far, each font I've downloaded included a variable version, and OTF and Web versions. I like to use variable fonts in Webflow to do some fun stuff like on my homepage. They seem to have all the Google Font I've been wanting too, like Poppins.  GFonts doesn't even have a variable version of that, but FontShare did. C'mon!

Here's a quick overview of what they do.

Font Pairings Rock

They have great font pairings so you don't have to think too hard about it.

FontShare Font Pairing

Layout View Rocks

They let you preview them in a stellar Layout view. Look at dat!

Ballin Layout View

Baseline Previewer Rocks

I love their line spacing and baseline preview. I don't like it when I put a font on a site and find out the baseline is all wonky, but say goodbye to that problem. I hear a "No probalo!" off in the distance.

Baseline View

Beautiful Home Page

And just look at how clean they lay out these fonts! You can adjust the size and weights all from the homepage. Love this!

Font Share Homepage

Weights Look Great

And of course you can see all the weights laid out so nicely. Bravo! Bravo!

Beautiful Weight Layout

It looks like it can do more than i've even dabbled yet, but thats all I have for now. I just felt like this one needed to be shared with people. Enjoy some Font Share goodness!

Go to Font Share now.