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I could not be happier about this place!

A'hren the Chef is ahead of the game on ingredients unlike 99% of the restaurants around here he doesn't use seed oils at all and only buys organic ingredients! The fries are hand cut and cooked in awesome tallow. The menu is perfectly simple which allows him to keep costs and waste to a minimum and it has something everyone will like. Smash burgers, Chicken sandwiches and Shrimp Tacos with either a wonderful Salad with a custom dressing they've made themselves or agin those tallow fries. For dessert they have mouthwatering homemade, blueberry or lemon pies and ice cream cookies. The ice cream is even good for you with less sugar, real ingredients and you find an ounce of hight fructose corn syrup in the whole store. Even the salt and pepper is good for you. he's using the good pink salt.

I'm so thankful that they put so much time and money into making healthy for food us that I want to bless him back with some extra attention. Hit up Pleasant Counter on their Instagram and remember they're open from Tue-Sat 11-3pm & 5-8pm.