The Mixer

Downtown Bentonville Inc.
Logo, Poster
I had never heard of a "whimsical, garden, casino, night" before, but we made it happen.

When I was told to make something for this, my mind when to all the baby shower cards you see, but I had just built a new brand for DBI and that brand was very clean and colorful. The color palette had a nice modern green, so that was naturally the color to go with. I started there.

Casino design is typically awful, so I stayed away from it for this design.

Keeping with the Muli font we used for the previous year's event I just found a vector branch. That didn't quite do it for me, but all it took was some layering over the letters and then the logo was perfect. It became the focal piece of the poster and included a lot of elements seen on the DBI website. All in all the poster is the perfect mix of what was their newly revamped branding and a "whimsical garden casino."