First Friday 2018

Downtown Bentonville Inc.
Logo, Poster

This is a great event series put on by Downtown Bentonville Inc every year. It's fun and challenging to find a new design for each series. In the time of this design I had just come from the typical, cheesy, extremely colorful/clip-art design you see for these kinds of things. Minim was not a company and I hadn't been improving my design skills for very long. (Maybe 6 months?)

This design had to get a lot better. I needed to get a lot better. So we stripped it all down.

It needed to be easy to read, clean and I should still like it 5 years later. The biggest part of these events was always the MainStage bands and yet, in the past they were never on the poster. So naturally I used images of the headlining bands, because this is ultimately a concert poster. That really helped eliminate the question of "Who's coming to First Friday" every month.

- Brad