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Bentonville Farmers Market
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At Downtown Bentonville Inc we started a Farmers Market Drive-thru and no other markets had a very good way to list the vendors and produce. Some even had big pieces of paper taped together on a ladder! We needed people to see all the information in your car as you drove through the line. It also needs to continue working when we return to the Square. So we had just got the OK from the city to do this event and we had one week until it started, so I had ONE WEEK (that's a good song) to make an app...by myself.

It needed to (as always) look good, list all the vendors in the correct order and give them a space to update what produce that have each week...but on their own! Phew-wee! That's a whole lot of needs! I said "good riddance!" and got to it.

This is one of those times where the right tool is what will save your butt.

A few months prior I had found Glide Apps and just tucked it in my pocket, not know much about it. So I started learning to use it and the more I dug, everything started working.

Glide is an amazing app builder that builds from data in a Google Doc. Genius!

Anyone can use it with a little time and by watching the great videos they have..

..anyway, this is what I came up with!

It's one app, but I duplicated it to create a separate app that vendors can update their profiles one. It blows my mind to this day.

Here's how it works...

download it!text me

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