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Downtown Bentonville v5

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Downtown Bentonville Inc
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In 2019 I updated the Downtown Bentonville App with a new look and some handy featured. This app is the ultimate guide to any place in Downtown Bentonville and all the events. I personally go to each location to take images and get information, so that the businesses are all represented well. I like to get the stories that people would never know if they didn't go and ask each and every place in Downtown, so some of them have a lot of stories to tell.

The app makes it easy to check menus, get directions, see if a places has events, happy hours, are they gluten free and so much more.

The only way to get a better idea of place in Downtown is to go there yourself and this app makes you want to do just that, by offering a part of the experience before you get there.

I built this site on our website at and just made sure no none of the pages link to the actual website. Then I wrapped that section of the site in an app wrapper and put it in the App Store. The best part is that now when I update the app it updates the location or even on our website too. Even style changes on the site will be replicated on the app because they use the same classes. It's magic and I love it. All of it is built on Webflow, so yes, you can build an app with Webflow!


Get it and see for yourself.