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Downtown Bentonville Inc.
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Finding things in Downtown Bentonville, keeping up with new places, all the's not easy. There wasn't a way to find out all things pertaining to just Downtown Bentonville so we made this to fix that. It's crazy easy to find out everything you need to know about Downtown, so that when you're at an event on the Square you can find our what to do easily. In it's 4th iteration it's never been so informative and useful.

The content on this app is connected to their website. When one is updated the other is too. Their entire site and app is only $20 a month. This blows *my* mind! So if you want an app for real cheeaaap...(Uh-huh! Any takers?)

The big rethink was on the home screen. In 4.0 the home screen is full of sliders making it easy to display a lot of information. So now there can be categories for things you may want to know right away. You see places like gluten free bakeries, all the places with happy hour, what's new and what's coming soon. (To name a few.)

It's broken down into five pieces: Home, Explore, Events, the Bentonville Calendar and a little About section.

Explore has an exhaustive list of every place in Downtown broken down into categories you'd expect like Food & Drink, but also Parks and even Parking Lots. That sounds like an insane task to keep up with, but it's easy enough to manage that one person at Downtown Bentonville Inc. can manage it. (That's me! - Brad)

The events cover all the big events that DBI does and it's quite exhaustive, even vendor lists are available for every Farmers Market and First Friday. Each one of those events is pulled straight from the website so when you update the site it takes care of the app too. Genius! 😉

The calendar covers everything else in Bentonville. People can submit their events easily and with a simple approval they can be added, but most events are pulled from Facebook just by clicking the"I'm Interested." Could it be easier? No.

The last new feature worth mentioning is that now anyone can submit a new place or recommend an edit to an existing one! This really helps me maintain it and keep on top of new places. That's just a pretty form done with