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In the Downtown Bentonville app I had added a section that helps you find all the art in the city. The idea was to give people a way to go tour it all, but I just don't know enough about it. Even the name of a mural isn't always visible. So I decided to make an app where a few select admins and the artists could update their work and showcase it on a little profile. The point is to be able to tour the town and see the art, but with this app now we can connect the artist to their work and allow them to give the story behind it.

If you're interested in how it works there's two videos. The first is a complete overview of the front-end that users will see and the second shows how admins and artists can update it.

This app was built was a very very cool app-maker called Glide Apps and I cannot recommend it enough. It only took me two days to make this after I had made the Farmers Market app and got used to the tools. Their tutorials are off the chart on simple and helpful.

Beware - I have a mustache.

Overview of the App

How the Back-End Works