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Dana from New Path Agency wanted me to save her some time and build this site for her. She's happy cause she gets to manage it with minimal work and she gets to focus on marketing and mostly just uploading podcasts for her client. Charles Rateliff, I've learn, is a pretty swell fella. He has a lot of business knowledge and is one of the legends of Walmarts beginnings. Now he finds businesses that he can help turn-around and makes them successful. I've met him once and I think we could be friends. (I don't say that about a lot of big wig Walmartians.) Best of all he's humble, but also practical and I think that really just means he's wise. He does great work and it shows, but he tries hard to take care of his family first. At least this is what I gather.

So the site was modeled after a Wordpress template, but of course we have to turn those around on their head and make sure they feel custom and fresh. Check it out and see what you think.

New Path Agency