The Meteor Cafe


March 14, 2020

I was working my normal day job at DBI the other day, traveling around 5th Street to get some images when I came across this new place called The Meteor Cafe. Don't be confused with the Meteor Guitar Gallery. It's quite different, but that was my first thought too. I stopped inside to get some images for the Downtown Bentonville App and got a chance to learn more from their manager. He told me that it's going to be a coffee shop that was started in Little Rock by the founder of Valentsia Coffee. It turns out that is one of the first coffee shops to focus on single origin beans, taking care of farmers and such. They began in the mind 90's. Anyway, I was excited to learn they have pizza ovens too! If pizza and coffee wasn't good enough, there is also a bike mechanic on the job. So the purposes of this shop is to give you a place to ride in, grab good coffee, get your bike fixed up, relax a little and get back on the trails. (I wonder if they tune up longboards?)

Bike mechanic goes here.

That's not all, they also have little bike shop of their own where they plan to do events and sell some lower end bikes. There's a lot of high-end bike shops around here, so I was excited to hear that for a change. They have the mega bikes covered too... well really the place next door does. Allied Bike Works makes and sells dope high-end bikes. They're all made in America, in fact, you can go see them making and testing the parts in their garage. I have a.lot of cool images of them on Read the article here.

So we've got a pretty neat little place coming that will be worth checking out. They made it sound like they'll be open very soon so keeps your eyes peeled.

When you first walk in (under construction)
Been wondering about that neon sign for a while now.
They gave me a hat too! Dope.

Ha! Gotcha!

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