This poster is part of a series I made for my job at Downtown Bentonville Inc. Winter Wonderland  is a culmination of the Bentonville Lighting of the Square, Christmas Parade and some other winter events each year. This is the design for 2018. When I started I knew I wanted it to fit with our style for that year, which meant clean and simple withe no distractions from what's important.

It had to be clean and modern over extremely Christmasy.

I love Christmas more than any other holiday, but it's really easy to get ugly when it comes to design. Abandoning the traditional "I gotta have green and red" primary colors kept the information and image alive. All it took was a simple red (but not Christmas red) overlay on the image to add the perfect touch of Christmas magic.

You always want your poster to stand out on a bulletin board, so by sticking with the clean, white and a nice image you can achieve that - especially amongst the business of Christmas design.

- Brad

Made For:
Downtown Bentonville Inc.
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